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  Pictures of DAJ its children and staff.
For all the children and senior citizens DAJ is home. This is where they live, eat, study, play and sleep. This is not a home away from home. It Is HOME.


                             The Desa Amal Jireh Family 2015



           The DAJ LOGO


      A  well recognized logo of the home.                                                                                            


 This fountain located on the left of our main enterance

and was built by the staff and children of Desa Amal Jireh


The the children and staff of DAJ built this arch for the 25th Silver jubilee.


 DAJ Junior Futsal team after winning a match.



Our Children performing at one of our functions at DAJ


 Children from our home schooling class.    



Children learning IT skills at our Computer Lab.      


Children playing with lanterns during moon cake festival and Children having fun in the water..



 Children having fun with supporters of the home.


 Our girls having fun on the monkey bars.



This is our childrens' playground 


 A special child learning to walk.


Boy's Home as of Jan 2011  


Girl's Home 2011   


 Nursery 2011    



  Senior Citizens 2011













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