What we do

We provide love, care, and shelter for the children in the various efforts we have in the home. We teach, train and nurture them, with the hopes to equip the children with life skills so that they will be ready to face life’s various challenges. We set up a learning center that serves to aid our children with learning difficulties. We have also extended our care to the elderly by caring for them in our old folks home called Faith Eagle’s Nest. And finally, in order to generate some income to support the home, we have a charity bazaar selling second hand items.

Rumah Faith Learning Center

Rumah Faith Learning Center (RFLC) is focused on providing a 2nd chance at education for our children with learning needs. It uses the Homeschooling curriculum with a focus on development and intervention. It also emphasizes equipping the students with lifeĀ and soft skills.

Faith Eagle’s Nest

is a Home for poor and destitute senior citizens. It was established by Desa Amal Jireh in 1992 after seeing the need to help people who are in their golden years. We try our best to provide love and care and continue to work towards making this Home as comfortable as possible for the to live out the remaining years of their life.

Charity Bazaar

From items given to us by the public, we take what the Home needs and the remainder are sold to generate income for the Home children’s studies.

Recycling Center

Ministry to the Poor

Community Project

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