CNY mood has begun. Shops are closing. People are travelling, last minute shopping, already hearing the drums of lion dance(seem to be unbelievably early), fire crackers are blasting away intermittently, (waiting for the real and big one at night,)
Visitations have begun. (While having my cendol desert, a Chinese family shared my table. He said, he’s from KL and have come to visit relatives in Kajang. So cendol/rojak first before visiting relatives.) My cendol and Rojak always rm4/-
I gave him RM10/- and told him to take for today’s and old bill. He insisted on charging me rm4/- and returned the balance. The other day my wife went alone, he gave her free. (Ladies free, only my wife).

This Muslim man also knows I’m a Pastor and run a children’s Home for the poor. Because he gives us discount, we don’t always patronise his shop.
It’s interesting, that their charity to us is carried forward from their late father’s time. Their father too will not take any money from us. And they have seen it.

His brother does a roaring business in Kajang town, near MayBank. In the Chinese Temple premises. Jln Tukang.
Worth trying that too.

So if you an in Kajang do visit him. (Hope he is open). He’s opposite the Sg. Chua BHP.
Exactly opposite Winnie Plaza.
DONT JUST COME FOR SATAY ALONE. COME FOR CENDOL TOO. and reserve your stomach for some Rojak Mamak too.


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